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Welcome To Wanicare

Wanicare helps wildlife who have become victim of the ongoing wildlife trade or lost their habitat from the Cikananga Wildlife Center on Java, Indonesia.

Our Work

We support the rescued animals in Cikananga, we protect habitats, rehabilitate and release endangered wildlife and run education projects to conserve nature.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent wild animal trade by helping animals in need, develop education and conservation programs and to release animals back into their natural habitat.

The rescue center

Most of Wanicare's activities focus on the Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center in West Java, Indonesia. It's a rescue and rehabilitation for wildlife in need, and Wanicare has been closely involved since 2009, to help and develop the center for hundreds of rescued animals.
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The conservation programs

Next to the rescued animals in Cikananga, we run different programs to protect habitats, release wildlife back into the wild, and educate about illegal wildlife trade, nature, and wildlife conservation. These programs are often realized in partnership with Cikananga or other organizations that aim to support protected species and nature conservation.
Our work
Een Javaanse Luipaard

Join us: Wildlife volunteers and interns

Since 2010 Cikananga has welcomed many interns, volunteers, and schools at the wildlife rescue center. Education and awareness are key goals in our work, therefore we run an accessible program for wildlife enthusiasts and aspiring conservationists to join our team for a couple of weeks or months. Get ready to support the animals of Cikanaga!
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Without you, our work would be impossible

Support us to ensure a better life for animals that have become victims of poaching, the ongoing wildlife trade, and continuing deforestation. Supporting Wanicare means directly helping a hands-on organization that ensures every donation counts toward changing the lives of many animals.
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