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About Us

Wanicare is dedicated to the protection of wildlife and nature since 2009, and is devotes to help rescued wildlife who have become victim of the illegal wildlife trade or have lost their habitat. The Wanicare Foundation is a Dutch, non-governmental and non-profit organization, which carries out programs for the protection and conservation of wildlife and nature.

About Wanicare

Wanicare was founded by Willemijn Eggen. In 2008 she arrived at Cikananga for the first time as a para-veterinary student at Cikananga Wildlife Center. Here she was confronted with a center that was going through a rough time due to the loss of funding, therefore she founded the Wanicare Foundation in 2009. 

Our main program is the support of the Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center, by helping hands-on with operational management and financial support. After helping the reorganizing of the rescue center from 2009 on, Wanicare also started other programs in collaboration with Cikananga Wildlife Center and other NGOs.

These programs are related to habitat protection, widlife conservation, and releases of animals that are often (critically) endangered, such as the Silvery Gibbon and Javan leopard. Please find more information on the Project Page.

Since 2008 we have achieved a lot together. With a small budget, hard work, and full determination the Wanicare Foundation together with the Cikananga Team made a great difference in animal welfare in the center and the prospects for the animals. Wanicare is still closely involved in all activities at the rescue center, where we care for confiscated rescued wildlife, run a volunteer and internship program, develop conservation & release programs, and build rehabilitation enclosures.

As the rescue center is developing, we are expanding our network to other animal welfare organizations throughout Asia. We offer support and hands-on help to make the work of wildlife rescue centers and related programs a success. It is our goal to release all confiscated wild animals back into their natural habitat. Education is a central theme in our work as we involve local and international students in our work. Also, we visit schools in Indonesia and the Netherlands to share the important lessons that we learn on the front line of conservation.

To deliver on our mission we work closely together with many conservation partners that help us to deliver our work. If you are also intrested to help a dedicated organisation for wildlife conservation, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Our Team

  • Founder & Director of Wanicare

    Willemijn Eggen

    Willemijn founded The Wanicare Foundation in 2009 to support the activities in and around the Cikananga Wildlife Center and worked 12 years on-site as General Manager of the rescue center. Willemijn is still closely involved in the daily activities and travels to Cikananga at least two times per year to continue the development of the rescue center and related projects.
  • Conservation Manager at Wanicare

    Inge Tielen

    Inge worked on various projects from 2011, focussing on the Raptors and Silvery Gibbon's habits as part of her MSc in Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University. Inge has been leading the Eagle, Hornbill, and Leopard Program, and was involved in Cikananga Conservation and Breeding Center for critically endangered species. From 2019 to 2023 Inge was the Deputy Director Life Science at the Cikanaga Wildlife Center.
  • Chairman of Wanicare

    Willemijn Sevens

    Willemijn Seven has been our Chairman since 2016 and shares her experience of a long consulting career in HR and non-profits. Eversince traveling to the Cikananga Wildlife Center and working hands-on as a volunteer, she is even more dedicated to coach and provide advice for daily and organizational matters for the Wanicare Foundation.
  • Board member and Secretary of Wanicare

    Hansje Oosterwijk

    Hansje joined our board in 2018 and is supporting the Wanicare Foundation as a boardmember from her secretary role.
  • Board Member and Treasurer of Wanicare

    Ruud Groen

    Ruud is our experienced treasurer and is in close contact with the operational team looking after the financial matters of Wanicare.
  • Roel Jansen Wanicare Foundation Cikananga
    PR & fundraising at Wanicare

    Roel Jansen

    Roel looks after public relations, funding, and maintains the media channels like this website. From 2016 to 2018 Roel worked on-site at the Cikananga Wildlife Center and occasionally travels to the project site.

Sponsors & Partners Wanicare

We are very pleased to cooperate and receive support from different organizations and partners from around the world. If you want support our work for rescued wildlife, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Friends of the Cikananga Wildlife Center

With support from around the globe, we work with amazing organisation to create a better life for wildlife in Indonesia.

Core Partners Cikananga Wildlife Center

Together with BKSDA, Mandai Nature, Chester Zoo and Hellabrunn we proud core partners of the Cikananga Wildlife Center.

Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling

Wanicare is grated the Public Benefit Organisation status by the The Dutch government. This means at least 90% of the efforts are focused on the general good. Tax deductions are possible for Dutch residents and Dutch organizations who help ANBI-labeled organizations like Wanicare.


Our Annual Reports

We believe it is important to give full transparency on our financial income and spending that is made possible by the generous sponsors of the Wanicare Foundation.

In addition to the required publications of the annual reports below we are always available to share more about our work and organization through

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