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Internships & Volunteers

We believe that education and inclusion are key to making a difference in wildlife and nature conservation. Wanicare started in 2010 the Volunteer & Internship program at Cikananga Wildlife Center, to get extra helping hands with the daily animal care and to generate a source of income for the center. This Program brings valuable support to the center, and participants have the opportunity to experience the rescue and conservation of a variety of animal species.

A day at Cikananga

Every day is different at the Cikananga Wildlife Center, as you support the permanent Cikananga staff who look after over 550 animals.Your work will make a significant difference in helping endangered wildlife by assisting with the work of the center including husbandry, enrichment, sustainability projects, and more, all whilst having a unique experience.

After the morning check-in at the foodhouse, the day includes food preparation and feeding, cage cleaning, making enrichment, behaviour observations and occasionally teamwork projects with keepers and other volunteers. It is also possible to help with education activities on the project site. Additionally, you may get the chance to assist or observe activities such as confiscations and intake of animals,  moving or rehoming animals within the center,  monitoring medical procedures, and assisting at the animal clinic.

The center is located in a secluded area in the hills of West-Java, where we offer up-to-date facilities to make sure you feel comfortable throughout your stay. Usually you will be part of a group varying between 5 to 15 other volunteers and interns, as well the staff that lives on-site.

For volunteers and interns we provide different wooden dormitories (separate woman / man) and a large cantina with a spectacular view over the rice fields. These facilities are located directly next to the general office, and only 100 meter from first medical and animals facilities.

We firmly believe a oppertunity to work in wildlife conservation should be in reach of everyone who wants to learn about wildlife, both international and local, as such we keep fees low. From the small profit we make we can support the salaries, maintain the facilities and provide (medical) care. It is also possible to work on the Cikananga organic farm, where Cikananga grows healthy food for the animals at the center.

It's crictical to understand that you are not allowed to handle or touch any of the animals or to enter any of the facilities without the supervision of our staff. For the welfare of the animals (and vistors) we apply a strict no-physical-contact-policy where occasional handling is only permitted when supervised by our staff.

There are many opportunities for international and national students to complete internships at Cikananga.  For intermediate vocational education and bachelor-level education, we offer internships related to animal, nature, conservation, veterinary (-assistant), and similar study fields.

We are an Aequor-licensed learning institute and many students have attended the program as part of their internship. We also have experience with Masters projects and welcome students from all levels of study. If you are interested, please contact us and we can discuss your project before your arrival. Please note that there are assignments listed below, but you are welcome to come up with your internship idea.

Please find the current pricing in the PDF volunteer guide below on this page. The small profit we make from the program enables us to pay the keepers, maintain the facilities, and provide medical care for the wildlife animals.

Volunteers working on new enrichment items

The Volunteer & Internship Guide

Learn more about the available internship assignments

Please find below a selection of the current assigments for internships at the Cikananga Wildlife Center. If you have an proposal, or a specific field to study related to conservation, ecology or (para-)veterinary, please don't hesitate to contact us to see if we can accomodate your internship.