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Emergency funds needed as storms damage enclosure at Cikananga

Recently multiple storms caused significant damage at the Cikananga Wildlife Center. To repair different enclosures we have started a fundraising campaign with the help of Inge Tielen: Would you like to help us fix important rehabilitation enclosures for rescued Indonesian Wildlife at Cikananga Wildlife Center? Please help us rebuild their homes at Cikananga.
4 Jun 2024

Five enclosures can't be used anymore

In 2023 there was a long dry season from May to December. So when the rainy season started in Cikananga this year, the weather was welcomed at first, but the severe downpours and wind quickly resulted in many trees falling down. Sadly also enclosures of rescued wildlife were hit and severely damaged. Luckily no animals were hurt, but a total of 5 enclosures can no longer be used. More information can be found in the link below.

See the link below to support the fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, or donate through our regular donations on the top of the screen if you want to help rebuild their homes at Cikananga.

Please share this campaign on your social media channels to allow us to reach more people. Thank you so much for your support, if you have any questions, please let us know.