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Moor Macaque rescue to Cikananga

Meet Mauro an endangered Moor Macaque (Macaca maura), one of the 7 species of macaque endemic to the island of Sulawesi.
10 Apr 2024

Rescue to Cikananga

On the 5th of April, this macaque was rescued by the Cikananga team after it had escaped from captivity and was causing conflicts in a village. Residents had captured him and luckily handed him over to BKSDA Region I Bogor. He now is in safe hands with us in Cikananga. This is another example why wildlife should NOT be kept as pets; it is not only detrimental to the animals themselves but also dangerous for the humans around them and the environment. We hope there will be a brighter future for Mauro when he can be sent back home to Sulawesi, where he belongs.